Sunday, December 12, 2021

Ty and Sam

 I'd like to show you a beautiful picture:

Those of you who have known us for a long time might be surprised at this picture.  For us it was an unbelievably touching moment.

Tyler has never been a fan of children.  For some reason he acted as though he was threatened by them.  They have always made him intensely nervous and upset.  If allowed too close to a small child, he will attempt to take a hit or kick at them.  

And so it was for Samantha as she toddled around the house in her younger days.  She had mostly good experiences with him, but there were times that he would give her a smack on the top of the head, or a kick, just for being too close to him.  We also did a tremendous amount of buffering to keep her out of harm's way.  Tyler and I would spend our evenings in the downstairs family room while the girls spent time in the living room on the main floor.  I would communicate signals to let the girls know when Tyler was coming to the main floor for a drink or restroom break.  This would mean Sam would retreat to her playroom or under the kitchen table until the coast was clear.  

Through all of this...Sam always loved her brother unconditionally.  She wanted more than anything for him to smile at her, or hug her, or make the sign for "I love you".  Even during her elementary school years she would write essays about how much she loved him and wanted him to be well taken care of and safe.  I admire her so much for her willingness to see beyond his disabilities at such an early age.

Over the last few years at church, Tyler seemed more comfortable with being around her.  Perhaps its because she has gotten older, or he appreciates seeing her more now that they spend time apart.  She has continued to bravely step into his circle and ask for hugs, or talk with him, which he has not objected to.

But today was different...

Samantha was up front by the Christmas tree and we took a few pictures of her.  I decided to see if I could get a picture with the 2 of them.  We got a few side-by-side and then I coaxed him to put his arm around her.  Instead, he pulled her by the shoulders toward him and put his hands in her hair.  He loves hair, especially Robin's.  Very gently he played in her hair and grinned from ear-to-ear.  He was truly enjoying her closeness and was being affectionate toward her.  What a wonderful gift this moment was. They now have a relationship beyond what I imagined they would ever have, and it is so wonderful.

I keep mentioning how difficult our current times are, but there are still blessings in our lives that we have to hold on to and celebrate.  If Sam could work to break through with Tyler, there isn't anything that any of us shouldn't achieve with love and faith.

Be well and God Bless.  Tom

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  1. Warmed my heart...what a true blessing! Thanks for sharing! <3


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