Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our Sincere Thanks

I’d like to begin this new endeavor with a sincere “Thank You” to the countless people who helped our little family in many different ways.  The saying “It takes a village to raise a child” is especially true in our situation.

First, and most importantly, we are thankful for our family which may be small in number but big on heart.  Tyler’s great-grandparents made sure he was well-versed in the art of eating and drinking nearly anything, including cookies and coffee from an early age.  Both sets of grandparents made contributions in more ways than I could ever list here.  From giving us a few hours of relief for a date night, to helping with Samantha, helping us to move, and even taking vacations with us.  And so many things in between.

Next we have always had amazing friends and neighbors who have shown us love and support.  Each home we have lived in, the neighborhood got to know us by my walks with Tyler and we would steadily get to know most of them along our route.  For years our close friends would be understanding to our special needs and generously work around them.  These are people that we love like family and owe a great deal to.

Another area where we have been especially blessed has been with the educators in Tyler’s life.  He had a most special teacher for the majority of his schooling and teams of therapists and assistants who helped him develop to greater potential than we ever anticipated. 

Medically, Tyler has had doctors and nurses who have taken very good care of him, which is something I will touch upon in an upcoming entry.  But the bottom line is that one of the biggest impacts we have ever made is to ensure that Tyler is being cared for by people who genuinely care about him.  And once we found that combination of professionalism and compassion, we held on with both hands.

Last, but certainly not least we appreciate everything that his current residential program, and day program, are doing to give him an incredibly fulfilling quality of life.  Again, we have found professionals who embrace him and treat him with dignity and respect.  A special thanks to his case manager for opening doors that helped us to improve life for the entire family.

Overall we are thankful to have had every member of our village.  Tyler’s thus far successful transition into his adult residence is a tribute to the love and hard work each person has provided.  We offer our sincere and humble thanks to all of you.

This blog is dedicated to Tyler’s “village”.

Be well and Good Luck.