Thursday, April 9, 2020

Sam's View on COVID-19 and Tyler

Hello Everyone, my name is Samantha and if you don't know me here is a quick summary: I am Tom's daughter and Tyler's little sister. I am 11 years old and today I will be talking about COVID - 19 and how it is effecting me. So to start off it has made me not be able to see my brother for one thing and I can not see him for my birthday. My birthday is in April and that is coming up so I won't be able to see him for this special occasion. But on the other hand I miss Tyler so much. I mean, not seeing your brother in almost a month is sad because he is family and it is sad not to see someone you love for so long, and it breaks my heart to say I may not see my brother for the rest of the year. And I know that some kids complain about their sibling in these unfortunate times but you should be thankful for them because Tyler is all I have as a sibling, so when I have no more school work to do I don't have a clue what I want to do because I have no siblings. So all the children out there who complain about there siblings they should not in these times, because we all need each other so we should be working together and defeat this stupid virus. We need to be family like we are right now because we need everyone's help in not spreading the virus anymore, so wear your masks, wash your hands and sanitize every time you touch something such as ....... doorknobs, handles, karts, anything. You need to stay safe and stay healthy please please please please stay safe and listen to the 3 H




Hope you enjoyed today's blog I hope all of this will be all over soon please stay healthy and happy and at home you and I need to stay safe.