Saturday, June 2, 2018

Update Time!

It occurs to me that I haven't done an update for quite some time.  So how is that Tyler doing?

Tyler is doing very well right now.  I always say "right now" so I don't end up jinxing the delicate universe that surrounds him.  Each time we see him he appears to be very happy and content.  He always looks very healthy, clean, and sporting nice clothes.  We get our weekly smiles and hugs at church and he is off to his home.

Within the last few weeks I had an update meeting with the group that provides the residential care for him.  We also had the opportunity to sit down with his Case Manager and review how things are going.  All indications are that Tyler is not only doing fine, but he continues to exhibit a willingness to learn how reach out to others.  For example, he always needed to sit at a separate table from everyone else at his day program.  Now, he enjoys sitting with the group.  Not only is he sitting closer to everyone, but the day program reports that he has a few other individuals that he has more interaction with.

On another subject, Tyler's Bibles has been very successful thus far.  As of now there have been about 15 brand new beautiful Bibles distributed to members of his congregation that are in need of one.  Donations have come in from near and far to help supply more Bibles in the future.  We will not stop until we have new Bibles in the hands of everyone who is seeking one!  If you need the information on how to donate some money to this cause, please refer to the last post titled "Tyler's Bibles".

Meanwhile, the rest of the family is doing well.  We all enjoy the summer weather that has finally arrived.  There is nothing like hearing the kids splashing in the pool, cooking burgers on the grill, and sitting out by the fire pit as the sun goes down.  Samantha is loving that her brother is hugging her every week at church.  I think it has really helped her resolve the issue of him being aggressive with her in the past.  Oh...and watch out because I promised her that she can write another blog entry very soon. 

Speaking of writing....I did manage to get an article published in a magazine.  The magazine is called "Philadelphia Row Home Magazine" and features stories on the neighborhoods of Philadelphia.  You can also google them and find that article plus another blog article that I sent them.  It's not exactly "Time" magazine but I'm proud to see my words in the pages of a magazine! 

Lets all hope for a summer that is safe for everyone.  Let's also pray for peace and love in our world.

Be well and God bless.   Tom