Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Time is a comforter that tells us we will heal
It offers the promise of long and happy days
We look forward to the secrets it will reveal
Like paintings swirled with lights and grays

Time is a master of lies and crude deception
Watching us grow old and crooked like trees
Fading memories and heartbeats without exception
Reminding us there were never any guarantees

Time marches forward without the slightest care
The ground rumbles beneath its strides
Merciless and ignorant to what is fair
Bringing forth and wiping away like storming tides

Time can be gentle and soft like a lazy cozy nap
Where breezes and sounds surround the room
Sunshine on a wooded path or a puppy on your lap
Or rainy day popcorn and movies to chase away the gloom

Oh time is what we make of it, this is sure
We cannot stop its march but we can embrace it
Our mission is not to simply survive or to endure
But to come to the starting line and race it