Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Pieces of Me

 I've always been a deeply sentimental person.  It just seems to be part of my nature.  When I receive a gift that is personal it is something that I hold in extremely high regard.  

My Dad gave me a watch a few years ago that I will never part with.  The painting of Tyler by the ocean is an heirloom that I hope to pass through the generations.  I have a Christmas ornament which is really just a photograph of my Grandfather with cotton balls stuck on it to make a Santa beard.  These are some of the things that I cherish because they came from the heart of someone special to me.

I received such a gift today.  A few of my friends at work have listened to my ongoing saga about trying to find a small condo at Myrtle Beach.  This is something I have dreamed about for over a decade.  I've also talked endlessly about how much the beach means to me and how it puts me closer to Tyler because of the time we spent there.  Recently, we have found a little place close to the beach and we are so excited to be working through the process of finalizing it.

I was surprised when one of my friends, Kevin, told me that his wife had a house-warming gift for me.  Now we all seem to share great, biting, and sometimes cynical senses of humor so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect.  But his wife, Christy, is a very thoughtful and articulate person so I was intrigued at the thought.  Today Kevin pulled me to the side and said Christy was dropping off my gift.  I felt a little embarrassed, after all, they are a young couple just buying a new house of their own so surely they have better things to worry about than me and my silly beach condo.  But there she soon was, presenting me with my present.  

She explained that this was no ordinary shell, but that this was a shell she found over 10 years ago in Cape May.  She was just walking on the beach and couldn't believe she found this big, beautiful shell.  She has kept it every since and cherished having it.  She said that when she heard about Tyler's story, and our story of holding memories of our beach time with him, she wanted for me to have it.  

It is a beautiful shell, but it means so much more because it was a piece of her and Kevin.  It is a piece of her story that she wanted to become part of our story, and I can't think of anything cooler than that. This shell will have a very special place in our new home and will undoubtedly become a story we will share with others.  

This piece of her, and piece of my friend Kevin, is now a piece of our family.  It is a piece of our story. And as such, it is worth all the gold in the world.  

Be well and God bless.   Tom

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