Saturday, February 25, 2017


Sadly, the majority of caregivers experience the loss of those they are caring for.  That special person may move to a care facility, some may lose all cognitive function, and many will pass away.  Regardless of the circumstances, it can be a tremendously painful end to the earthly journey with them.  

I dedicate this to all those who have experienced this heartache, and to my beloved Miller family who are facing a very difficult time.  Our love is with you always.


Waking up from my bed today, I saw your picture on my wall
It was a better time, a happy time
Like looking through a window to another place
I can almost feel myself back there again

My reflection appears vaguely on the glass
Just like that picture, I am no longer the same
The image now seems a lifetime ago
You can only continue on in my memories

I go about the day like I always did
But nothing ever looks the same
Like wearing a coat made of steel
I carry the weight of a thousand yesterdays

Every step I take, you take with me
When I laugh I can feel you laughing too
When I cry your hand is on my shoulder
As I walk, you gently urge me forward

I breathe each breath as my tribute to you
Your spirit carried in my heart and soul
By living on, you live on with me
The memories stay alive and well

Before bed I see that picture once more
Like a mirage I can't touch that moment
But I can carry you to my dreams
And maybe there we can meet again

This I promise you with all my heart
We will be made whole again some day
And like that picture on the wall
We will see a better time, a happy time, for all time

This was for you J, C, B, B, H, M, K.  And of course Grandma B.  May peace, love, grace, and only good memories follow you on your journey.


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  1. You have put into words what is in our hearts. Thank you for being part of the Miller family and caring so much.


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