Thursday, February 9, 2017

13 Families

Sometimes I see something to write about, and I wonder if it's relevant to our journey as caregivers.  As I think it through, I realize that nearly everything we come across in our day can teach us something, negative or positive.  

I watched a documentary called "13 Families".  This film visits the loved ones of the 13 precious souls lost at Columbine High School.  Its not a film about the details of the shooting, nor is it about the role of guns or mental health or even bullying.  It's a film about how each family remembered the ones they lost, and how each family learned to live again. As you might suspect, the aftermath affected each family very differently, but also very much the same in many ways.  One thing that they have found comfort in is each other.  

After I sat back and thought about the documentary for a while, I began to understand why it is so important, and yes, relevant even to me as Tyler's Dad.  

I thought about the father who decided that he would try in his own ways to prevent this kind of tragedy from ever happening to another family.   There was the mother who volunteered her time to help one of the survivors by taking her to therapy.  And there were also just stories of families finding simple ways to find peace and reclaim their lives.  Some found immediate ways to rebuild, while others took many years to do so.  I thought to myself, if THESE families can live beyond their struggles and not give up, I can too.  If they can find ways to reach out to other families, to be an inspiration, and to help others move forward, I can too.  All of us can.

Be well and God bless.   Tom

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