Monday, February 13, 2017

Never Alone

Never Alone

Its not when things have gotten nuts
And its not when things are loud
Its not when I'm against the wall
And its not lost in a crowd

Its not the times the chips are down
And I have to bring my best
Or when the world seems on the line
And our balance is distressed

Its the dark and quiet of the night
A cold and piercing dread
An unforgiving emptiness
Which echoes in my head

The lonely drive on darkened streets
With only me to listen to
The quiet house with others gone
And nothing left to do

I remember then, I'm not alone
Because others walk with me
Even if they're miles away
Or some place I can't see

Tyler's heart has never left me
My friends would never hide
My faith and church embrace my soul
They would never leave my side

A quiet heart I close my eyes
I feel the love is there
Its a call or memory away
And its a silent time of prayer

I realize now I'm not alone
nor ever again will be
When stress and noise has gone away 
Means they quietly walk with me

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