Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Role Players

The New England Patriots have arguably the best quarterback in NFL history in Tom Brady. They also fill their roster with players that are not superstars in the classic sense, but they are wonderful role players who do their assigned task very well.  Their wide receiver, Julian Edelman, was selected 232nd in the NFL draft after not even being invited to the NFL combine.  He had been a three year starter at quarterback in college but the Patriots saw him in different roles.

Edelman decided that in order to continue his career and help his team, he would do whatever role he had to.  He accepted that he didn't have to be the star quarterback in order to make a huge impact on his team.  He trusted that there was a place for him where he could shine in his own way.

There have been so many role players in Tyler's life that have created his successful team. These are people who do their specific jobs very well, and with dedication.  It could be a bus driver who always smiled and made Tyler feel comfortable.  It was the nurse who allowed me to work along side her so Tyler felt safe.  Its the girl who cuts his hair and hugs him every time before he leaves.  These are the unsung heroes.  These are the people that allow his world to continue to rotate smoothly.

If you are a special needs caregiver, think about those role players that keep your world rotating.  Chances are if you have a wonderful doctor, there is also a nurse or assistant that treats you well.  If you think your child is in a great school, that school is not just a teacher but an office staff, administration, and teacher's aides.  If you enjoy your church there are wonderful people doing things behind the scenes to allow the pastor to be at his best to deliver the message.  

These role players are no less important than the "star" players, and things would not work properly without them.  Salute those role players.  Tell those role players that you think they do a great job.  

If you serve as one of those role players in other aspects of your life (and nearly all of us do in one form or another), remember that you are an important part of a total team effort. 

Tom Brady can be the best quarterback ever, but if he doesn't have a good wide receiver, running back, and offensive line doing their jobs, he can't be successful.

Be well and God Bless.   Tom

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