Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Part 2

Thanksgiving day went about as well as we could have hoped.  We gathered late in the morning and prepared anxiously for Tyler's arrival.  Would he be overwhelmed?  Would he be happy to see all of us or would he feel stressed?

Tyler arrived at noon.  I greeted him at the door, helped him with his jacket, and got him seated at the table.  He gave everyone a wave and a "HEY!" as he settled in.  His staffer sat down across from him and we were all ready to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast.  Tyler's face seemed to suggest he was alternating between being happy to see everyone, and feeling a bit anxious.

As the meal went on he seemed to loosen up a little bit.  As usual he wanted to do the typical familiar imitating and catch-phrases with me.  He started to look around a little more and wanted the attention of his Great Grandpa.  As the meal wound down it became evident that he was wanting to go back to his house.  

At this point I want to stop and explain that his wanting to leave immediately after eating is completely ok.  Of course I would love to have him want to stay all afternoon, but that isn't the reality of Tyler.  It is not that he is rejecting us as his family, it is that he has accepted his residence as his secure home.  That is the best case scenario possible.  All of us would willingly sacrifice what we want for ourselves to have him be healthy and happy in his home.

Once dinner was over we felt it would be wise to get a few pictures, get a few hugs, and let him get on his way.  Fortunately once the camera came out he was willing to smile and pose with everyone.  It felt so good for all of us to be close to him once again.  The circumstances may change but our love never does.

And just one other follow-up.  My mother-in-law cheated at cards again and wound up beating the rest of us into the ground.  No seriously, you could call any wild card and she will end up with 3 of them.  I had 5 of a kind and LOST.  Personally I think she keeps a matching deck in her sleeve and pulls out the cards she needs without us noticing.

Love you Mom.

Be well and God Bless.  Tom

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