Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that I'm good at being thankful all year long for the many blessings that I have received in my life.  That being said, this is the time of year that we are reminded to reflect on how fortunate we are for even the most simple of things.  We should also think of those who are struggling and in need.  

We will be heading to my in-laws tomorrow as is our custom.  I am particularly blessed with such wonderful family to spend so many of these holidays with.  Despite there being less than 10 of us, there is enough food for a week's worth of leftovers.  After dinner we partake in some penny poker and no matter where I sit my mother-in-law gets all of my good cards. Of course we enjoy the turkey, pumpkin pie, and football, but the day is really all about being together.  It's about relaxing, pretending to seriously argue about nothing, and sharing the love we have been so blessed to receive.

We made the decision that Tyler and a staffer will join us.  We are so happy that he is far enough along with his new home that we can consider having him come for the meal.  They will come right as we sit down and if all goes well he will stay for a little bit afterward.  But if he feels uncomfortable we will allow him to eat and run.  We feel its important that Tyler have the ability to feel his family around him during the holiday season.  This is just the first step to see how well he does or doesn't do.  If it goes well we will know we have one more option for the future.

We all have stresses in life, and we all experience loss.  Its part of life.  Many of my readers experience tremendous struggles and pain to which we sometimes cannot see the right answers.  So when you read this I want you to clear your mind and say out loud all of those little things that you have to be thankful for.  Here is mine:

Today I am thankful that I am alive and relatively well.  I am thankful that I have biological family, married family, and non-biological family that share their love with me.  I am thankful for Tyler's health and happiness and all of those wonderful people who look after him so well.  I'm thankful that I have employment and can provide for my beautiful wife and daughter.  I'm thankful for Robin, Sam, Jack, and Stitch who are there for me whether I am right or wrong, good or bad.  And I'm thankful for co-workers, neighbors, and friends who are willing to laugh with me, and cry with me.  Most of all, I'm thankful for the blessings, grace, and mercy given to all of us by our Lord.  

No matter what our struggle is, there are things to be grateful for.  Find those today and place them close to your heart.

Be well and God bless.  Tom

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