Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Today in America

Good morning!

Today is a very challenging day in America.  There is a lot of emotion.  Some of it is good and some of it is not-so-good.  Such is so many things in our lives.  But I think I have a very important message today for all of us regardless of how we feel right this minute:

Life and love begin at the very core of us.  Everything begins and ends with how we recognize and embrace ourselves.  We have to recognize our amazing gifts and find the ability to give them a voice.  Within our core we must find peace, joy, and contentment. There must be a core faith which sustains us and levels us.

We are also a direct reflection of how we treat others.  We teach our children how to love and how to be loved.  It is by giving them security that we secure our future.  It is supremely important that we treat our spouses as a cherished and respected partner.  The kind of friend we are and the kind of neighbor we are is what we ultimately control.  It is even matters what kind of "stranger" we are.  Do we treat people with kindness when we interact with them every day?

The world is not this big round thing but rather many small things put together.  We have complete control of our own little piece, which is the beauty of it all.  It doesn't matter, nor should it matter, who is in this office, or that office.  What matters....TRULY that we are the best Mother, Father, Teacher, Poet, Friend, Painter, Brother, Son, Neighbor, that we can be.  THAT is how the world REALLY changes.  We should never look to anyone to solve our problems for us, not a politician, not a school, not church.  But rather we must recognize that we have been given those gifts already and it is up to us to use them. And that we contribute to that political process, that school, and that church.  

We must remember what really, really matters today regardless of how we feel about those things we cannot control.  That faith, love, compassion, and hope are what matters.  These are things we can control and exercise every day.  These are the things that will sustain us through anything and everything.  These are the things that will follow us throughout eternity.

Remember today to begin at the very core of who you are.  Be well and God bless.  Tom 

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