Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tyler's Baptism

For anyone that has followed the blog, you know I will write about any subject when it feels relevant.  Some of my thoughts and opinions may not be to everyone's taste, but I'd like to think that I am fair and honest about my feelings.  Even when the subject is sensitive.

I am very proud to say that Tyler will be baptized this Sunday.  We will be there with some of his family members to show our support as he and his church community confirm his walk with God.

Not everyone would agree with this decision, and I respect that.  There would be those who would argue that Tyler cannot understand what this means, so it should not be done.  Or that Tyler is already a Child of God and that baptizing him is not necessary.

While it's a personal decision, I would like to offer our explanation publicly.  Tyler has found many new ways of living over the last year.  One of which is that he has become a member of a wonderful church.  When I say "member" I mean like a FAMILY member.  He is respected and accepted for who he is.  He is loved and encouraged by his Pastor and congregation.  They have no desire for Tyler to merely "attend", but rather they insist that he be a joyous addition.  What an amazing gift to have a Pastor and congregation that are spiritual leaders for our young man.  I can think of nothing more appropriate than to have Tyler stand in front of his church community and receive the Lord, even if it is in a symbolic way.

Another point is that we don't truly know what Tyler fully understands and what he doesn't.  I can tell you that he understands that he is in the presence of love and grace when he is with his church family.  I can tell you that he feels his church is a special place.  Whether he "understands" all of the meanings, he certainly understands the feelings.  For us, this is more than enough reason.

Do I already feel Tyler is a Child of God?  Absolutely.  And there is nothing wrong with a Child of God standing in front of those who love him and confirming it.  God has smiled upon Tyler many, many times and this Sunday will be no different.

Be well and God bless.  Tom

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