Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Take the Time

Good Afternoon.

As caregivers there is often a degree of isolation that we experience.  It starts off rather slowly and innocently enough, but then it starts to grow.  Those of us who have special children for instance will be able to function somewhat normally when they are young, but then as time goes on, and the child becomes larger, and the challenges become more difficult, we get more tired.  We can begin to seek the isolation perhaps without realizing it.

When Tyler was little, we used to visit friends houses, go to gathering, the mall, and so on. It was easy when he could be placed in a stroller or up on my shoulders.  He loved the world and all the world loved him because he was small and cute.  As he got older and more mobile we started to host more activities at our house.  After all if he was going to get frustrated and kick a wall it might as well be OUR wall and not someone else's.  Eventually this isolation crept over much of our lives, much like ivy taking over a wall.

I mention this because last night during my current trip I had dinner with a friend that I genuinely care for and respect as a person, father, and man of faith.  We spent nearly 3 hours eating, talking, and sharing our stories about our families.  What made it so interesting was that we each actually come from different political perspectives and yet that mattered not one bit the entire time.  We talked about our children, schools, the blog, vacations, and current events as 2 men hoping to be good examples before God.  There were times that we laughed and other times that we became choked up.  I think we both left feeling better than when we arrived.

It was such an important reminder to me how important these relationships are in our lives. It doesn't matter if right now you are caring for a child with autism or an adult with dementia, or anything in between....the principle remains the same.  You HAVE to have relationships that make you happy and uplift you.  If the best you can do right now is invite that person over for a cup of coffee, do it.  If you can manage one hour to meet them for dinner, do it. Take the time.  When you listen to someone else you change your own perspective, and you change theirs.

TAKE THE TIME.  Please.  Send a text or an e-mail to someone that you are inspired and uplifted by.  Even a few minutes of good fellowship will feed so much energy into your heart and soul that it could have a great impact on your life.  

Be well and God bless.  Tom

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