Saturday, August 27, 2016

Aug Tyler Update

Good morning!

We got some very interesting updates about Tyler this week that I would like to share.

He visited one of his favorite people this week, Gina, to get his hair cut.  Gina has the personality he loves; loud, honest, and unfiltered.  But also kind and warm.  She said she is so impressed by his demeanor now, he seems happy and calm.  As always he ended the appointment by giving Gina a monster hug.

I also touched base with his day program.  He is being introduced to new activities which seems to be working nicely.  The staff shake-up a few months ago has not seemed to caused any permanent change in his ability to thrive there.  By all accounts he looks forward to being there and is comfortable with his surroundings.

The home also reports that everything continues to be going smoothly.  His health has been good, and he had an annual physical which showed no issues.  A dentist appointment was also done with good results.  Even with staffers taking vacations he has done well with those standing in.  His medications have been effective and right now we are holding on any changes since he is so stable.

With his church community, residential team, medical team, and day program team caring for him with such devotion we have incredible faith that he has everything he needs.

Be well and God Bless.  Tom

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