Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Poem About Time

It doesn't matter who we are
Where we work, or rest our head
Nor does it matter lessons learned
Shows we've watched, or books we've read

Time shows not a bit of care
It marches to an unstoppable beat
And we are merely blades of grass
Trampled beneath its pounding feet

We curse the time for all it does
Yet pray that we may have some more
It merely smirks and marches on
The desperate pleas it must ignore

We gray, we tire, we weaken
We may even lose the will to try
But time will not miss a step
And won't think twice to pass us by

Determined we must rise again
Refuse to let time have its way
Accept the fact the past is passed
And make the most of every day

Rise and meet time face to face
Fight to make each minute last
Fill them all with joy and love
So time won't pass by so fast

They say time waits for no man
I suppose this must be true
The better strategy my friends
Make time catch up to you!

Be well and make every minute count.  Tom

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