Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Inspiring Church Story

I have a short story today....but a good one.

We have been so pleased that a big part of Tyler's support system has been his church community.  Pastor Dave is a man that I have tremendous respect for.  Its very obvious that Pastor Dave loves and wishes to serve his fellow man, especially those who are disabled or disadvantaged. He has become a key supporter to Tyler.

Pastor Dave relayed to us that the congregation was participating in communion this past week.  Typically this activity would be brought to him rather than having him come up and do it.  On this day Tyler decided he would come up and try it.  He was told the meaning behind what he was doing and that it stands for the unequaled love that Jesus has for him and the sacrifice that was made in the name of that love.  

Tyler reacted in a way that had never been seen by his church family.  He smiled and blew a kiss, perhaps to Pastor Dave, perhaps simply because the feeling touched him and moved him.  I suppose there are just some things we don't really need to know.  What they did know is that Tyler felt the love at that moment and he responded to it in the most loving way he knew how.

Perhaps it is a debate for another blog entry, but someone could question the value in Tyler participating in communion, being baptized, or even attending church.  After all, these are all things that require a level of abstract understanding that we are fairly sure Tyler does not have the capacity to grasp.  But I would offer this; Tyler does have the capacity to grasp unconditional love, respect, acceptance, and devotion.  These are what I believe to be the fundamental beliefs that make us children of God.  So if by participating in church he does nothing else but to feel the love and comfort around him, he is experiencing every bit of what church SHOULD be.  

This is just another part of his walk.  He may not understand that he is walking along with Christ but every time he smiles and loves and participates with his church community, God is with him and walking right beside him.

Be well and God bless.   Tom

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