Monday, August 22, 2016

Back To School

Good Afternoon.

We sent our second grader off to school for her first day today.  As she stepped on the bus we stood back and hoped that every bit of love and protection in our hearts is following right along with her.  We try to teach her right from wrong, and how to be respectfully and kind to those around her, and today she once again sets out into the world to make us proud.

I think today is one of the most entertaining days for social media.  So many of our friends post pictures of their children getting ready for their first day of school.  It shows that no matter how crazy our children drive us, we love them and we take joy in marking their growth.  

I'm posting this today because it inspires me to see so many parents showing love for their children.  We know single Moms and Dads.  We know families who the parents have disabilities, families with disabled children, racially mixed families, and same-sex parents. Parents of police officers, dancers, hockey players, and military personnel.  Parents on the east coast, middle, and western coast of the country.  All of us are different in almost every single way...except one:  we love our children unconditionally.

Imagine our world right now if every child had a parent or parents that made sure they were loved and nurtured.  So many of our communities are facing incredible difficulties for a host of reasons, one of which is children being raised by absent parents or by other relatives because they have been cast away from their parents.  We need to appreciate those who do step in to provide for those children who are otherwise not being provided for.  After all, children should learn the world from their parents.  When they see their parents treat people with respect, they learn to be respectful.  When they feel secure, they will be likely to want to contribute to a better world.  But when children are abused, ignored, hungry, and alone, they feel the world has turned away from them, so they turn away from the world.

Whether you are a special needs parent or a typical parent the message is the the model for which your children view the world.  Teach them self-respect and respect for others.  Give them security, trust, and love so that they will give the same to those around them.  Be their hero.  You don't need money in order to give them everything they need.

Good luck and God Bless.  Tom   

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