Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tyler Hall of Fame - John and Carolyn

One of Tyler's earliest and most ardent advocates was his maternal Great-Grandparents, John and Carolyn.  Much of his early development was thanks to their dedication to caring for his needs. 

John and Carolyn were in their early 60's when Tyler was born.  Having been successful in their business, they were both already retired.  I saw them as a "young 60" however, as they were both very active.  When Robin and I had to return to work, they were there to care for Tyler every day.  Tyler also had therapy appointments during these years, and they were there for that too.  

What made that time with him so special, was the incredible nurturing and emotional support he received from them.  He learned from them, at a very early age, that he was the most important little boy in the world.

He also learned fun things from them, like how to dunk cookies into coffee.  In fact, he learned how to eat anything and everything from being at their house.  Carolyn is a very good cook, so good that apparently she didn't leave enough for future generations.  My mother in-law mistakes ham broth for slushies, and my wife makes a beef roast that is as tender as a frozen hockey puck.  I kid....

What strikes me the most about their ability to care for Tyler is that they came from a generation where this was certainly not the norm.  For much of their lives, children with severe disabilities were placed in homes, or did not survive.  

All John and Carolyn knew then, and still know now, is that a family protects its own.  These were the instincts they used as their guiding light.  They knew that by treating him with care, humility, compassion, and a tremendous sense of humor, that he would be the best he could be.  Because of this, Tyler developed a sense of self that has made a tremendous difference in his life.  They may not realize it, but this was perhaps one of the greatest gifts Tyler has ever received.

John and Carolyn: for your incredible love and dedication, you are everything that Team Tyler represents, and inducted into the Team Tyler Hall of Fame.

Be well and God bless.    Tom

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