Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I'm humbled to announce that the blog has reached 50,000 views.

This blog has been an incredible and amazing journey thus far.  It had really started as a way for me to process so many things in my own mind - like a therapy of sorts.  There are all of these experiences, from wonderful, to heartbreaking, that play in my mind like a set of short movies.  They all circulate in my mind as though they are looking for a place to be neatly filed away.  By writing about them it's a way for me to begin to do that.

Writing, for me is like a sanctuary, much like spending time at the ocean.  When I sit at the beach I can blend into my surroundings.  In a way it allows me to become small and quiet. That quiet puts me in a place where I can think and feel in a peaceful way.  

Maybe this explains one of the greatest benefits I receive from doing this.  It helps me find an inner peace that otherwise I would be searching for.

I'd also like to believe that a reader out there is encouraged by what I write.  Perhaps it is as simple as someone seeing a story and seeing themselves in it.  I would be honored to think that my words could change the way the reader sees themselves, or they way they see their situation.  Maybe this blog has been a light where someone needed it.  Maybe it brought hope to someone who, like I had, was losing faith that hope was still alive.

I'm thankful for every single view.  And I look forward to where this path will continue to go. I'm enjoying letting things happen and watching where it leads.

Thank you so very much.    Tom

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