Saturday, September 10, 2016

Welcome New Visitors

Welcome to those clicking this blog for the first time.

A quick explanation on the blog:  Our son Tyler is now 24-years-old and is on the autism spectrum.  We understood even before he was born that he would have profoundly special needs.  He is a beautiful and wonderful child of God.  And with the support of amazing family, friends, and community, we have maintained fulfilling lives.

As much as this blog talks about him, it's not really ABOUT him.  The blog is meant to address what life is like as a caregiver.  I try to share all of the things that are important to me so that it perhaps gives a voice to those who need it.  Being a caregiver is a devastatingly lonely occupation, but we don't believe we are supposed to be able to say that, which makes it all the more isolating.  I try to be very honest about the issues with the hopes that even one person reads it and finds themselves nodding their heads in agreement.  Because once we acknowledge that we are facing an issue, better mental health has begun.

We are amazed that this little blog has found such a nice following.  We are nearing 5000 views from many countries on 6 continents!  Antarctica has yet to check in but I'm thinking the internet lines may be frozen.  Regardless of why people come to read the blog, I hope beyond all hope that even one post resonates and touches them.  Perhaps it will help identify with a family member, or have empathy when they see someone like Tyler out in the community, or feel like they aren't alone in their struggle, or actually find advice they can use.  No matter the reason, we cherish every visitor.

So Tyler and I say "welcome!" and we encourage you to walk along with us!

Good luck and God bless.  Tom 

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