Monday, September 5, 2016

Football Story

Hey Tyler.  I'm watching the first Florida State Seminole football game of the year.  It's not hard to remember when we would sit together while I watched the game, wearing our football jerseys.  

Granted, you could care less about who was winning.  The biggest kick for you was listening to me yell and holler.  While I'm living and dying with each play you would just giggle and point at me and say "Daddy's funny".  That made it fun for me and made it much easier when things didn't go our way.  You loved to shout FUMBLE! and TOUCHDOWN!  or clap loudly when I would clap.

I almost forgot a funny football related were very young....perhaps even preschool and we went to meet with your teacher.  The teacher said she asks her kids to sing a song and have the rest of the kids sing along.  She said they asked you and they couldn't tell what you were singing.  You were making a chopping motion with your right arm and humming a tune.  Whatever it was, she said, everyone sang along with you.  We couldn't help but laugh because we realized you were doing the Florida State war chant and doing the tomahawk chop!  

Tonight I'm doing the chop for us both.  You are never, ever far from my heart.

Good luck, God Bless, and GO NOLES!

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