Monday, July 4, 2016

Tyler Update July

Happy 4th!

This is a great weekend to enjoy lots of time with our friends and family.  We were excited to have a visit with Tyler scheduled at the park on Saturday.

We arrived at the park to see him sitting with his housemate and their staffer.  As I approached him he stood up to meet me and gave me a nice hug and kiss.  It is always encouraging to see him looking relaxed and smiling when we meet up with him.

Within a couple minutes he wanted to take a walk with me through the park.  All of his usual silly sounds and movements came right back to him and we were carrying on as though we had never missed a beat.  He doesn't seem at all upset, confused, or uncertain as we walk the path we had walked hundreds of times before.  He just seemed happy to be walking in the sunshine with his dad.  For him its like sliding on an old pair of comfortable slippers.

Of course I enjoyed his company too.  Even better I love knowing that he is happy in his life.  For me, the walk was not so much like an old pair of comfortable slippers, but rather an old pair of sneakers.  What I mean is, even though they were tremendously comfortable for a long time, and still are, they feel a little less familiar now.  But after a couple of minutes they start to feel familiar again.  

We took a nice long walk and stopped a few times to snap some pictures.  His smile and laugh were relaxed and genuine.  Only a happy Tyler would be that way.

Once we returned from doing a nice big loop around the park, we returned to the bench so he could spend some time bonding with mommy again.  As with our walk, Tyler was the Tyler we have always known.  He was happy to get some pictures taken and feel our presence for a few more minutes.

After about a total of 30 - 45 minutes Tyler was ready to go back home.  This is certainly not a surprise as he doesn't prefer to stay in one place for very long.  We were not in the least bit upset because right now we want to do whatever makes him feel comfortable.  Seeing him healthy, seeing him smile, hearing him laugh and chatter makes us feel good. Giving him the love and support that he needs to grow as an individual is the best thing we can give to him, so if that means our visits will be shorter than we would like, that will be ok for now.

The reports from all agencies and everyone working with him is that he continues to enjoy his environment and they continue to enjoy being with him.  His family continues to be here for him and love him with all of our hearts.

Be well and God Bless.   Tom

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