Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Poem to my Son

To Tyler

It's so amazing to watch you grow
Into this man we've come to know
Stronger than we thought could be
An example of great possibility

No longer the child who could not walk
Or the little boy that could not talk
Not the boy that had to hold my hand
Or need my arm to help him stand

What I see in you is so much more
Than all of us had seen before
A strength you found deep within
All the while you keep your grin

There is a sadness to letting go
Heartache we try not to show
But we know this road is what you need
Our wish for you to succeed

Though you don't see us every day
We have your back in every way
And if you feel we are apart
You will find us right within your heart

-we love you and couldn't be more proud.   Mom and Dad

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