Friday, July 1, 2016

Feedback Please

Good Evening,

It is hard to imagine but it has been 6 months since we first started this little blog.  So far we are nearing 3500 page views which is about 3499 than I might have imagined we would get....LOL.

I am always excited to see how many other countries are checking in!  There have been views from so many places.  The blog seems especially popular in France, Canada, and Brazil.  I'd like to welcome all of our international friends.  This blog opens its arms to all nationalities, religions, colors, and beliefs.  

I'd like to know what this blog means to you.  If you could please comment and just let me know how you feel about what you see and read here, it would help me as the blog's author.

Thanks to everyone who visits.  Tyler and I love to see all of you here!!


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