Friday, July 29, 2016

Some Amazing Friends

Good afternoon!

When having a special needs family you quickly find out who your real friends are.  They are the people that love you and your family regardless of what concessions have to be made to make things comfortable.  They are the kind of people who will be happy to eat takeout food every time they visit, or cook, rather than going to restaurants where it may be difficult (Yingers I'm talking about you! xoxo).

Last weekend we had the honor of hosting a few of our most special friends for a relaxing and informal summer dinner.  The Miller family has been a second family to me for about 35 years.  I love all of them like brothers and parents.  They are all warm, wonderful, and good people that define to me what friendship and love is all about.  To say that we are thankful and blessed to have them in our lives is a gross understatement.

The other guest is a man named Tom Newnam.  We met Tom last fall at Leg Up Farms which is a facility which provides services for special needs families.  He was volunteering his time to help tend the pond.  Tom and I became friends for life from the moment we met. We spoke the same language about leading life with your heart.  The more I learn about Tom the more I admire him.  He is not any ONE thing, but MANY things.  He is a volunteer, a painter, a writer, and so much more.  When I am inspired by a photo or something I write, I immediately share it with him because he sees exactly what I see.

That day we met Tom my daughter caught his eye and he asked if he could paint a picture of her.  The result was stunning.  And with the help of Mom and Dad Miller we were given this incredible gift to keep in our family.

Tom often uses Leg Up Farms and special needs children in his paintings.  He sees the beauty in the pure heartfelt things going on there and has the gift of translating it to canvass.

If you have the opportunity, please look up Tom Newnam (note the spelling) and read his book "Memo From Your Soul", or look him up on Youtube, or Google him to see more information about his paintings.  He tells incredible stories through his words and his paintings.

Be Well and God Bless.  Tom

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