Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly Tyler Update

Good Evening!

Now that spring has begun to....well....spring.....Tyler's demeanor is once again turning toward the more "manic" cycle.  Every year at this time we see a very definitive change in him.  You can literally see it in his face, as he smiles more and his features become more relaxed.  There are other changes too.  For instance, his speech becomes much louder and much more repetitive.  His overall tone is happy and energetic, and he wants to interact with his friends.

Everyone reports things continue to go well.  He and his housemate are doing pretty well with still a little learning curve of how close he should get to Tyler sometimes.  Nearly all of the staff are so comfortable with him that aggression has become rare with them.  Hopefully with the warmer weather beginning it will allow him more walking and bocce time.  We are planning a visit with him this weekend so I look forward to the next update to share some more photos and information!

Tyler also went with one of his most trusted staffers to see "Stomp" at the American Music Theatre.  Apparently there was one minor incident trying to get him through the initial crowd leading to his seat, but once the show started he laughed and clapped the entire time.  Overall it was a success.  Bless those staffers who are braver than I in doing those things....

In our house there is still a feeling of "so far so good" at this early stage, but we are very happy with where he is today. 

I need to get back to the vacation subject as well as a few other things on my come back often!!!!!

Be well and good luck.   Tom

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