Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Feedback Question - Vacations

Most of us as caregivers have had this reaction when asked what they are going to do this year for vacation:

Usually this is followed by phrases like "what is a vacation??" or asking that person if they have slipped on a banana peel and cracked their head.

But in all reality there ARE places that are more easily navigated than others.  A caregiver, as well as the person being cared for need a change of scenery and some relaxation.  Make no mistake, vacations can be stressful as a caregiver because there is a ton of extra planning that must take place.  While it might be easier to roll your eyes and stay home, it is worth the effort to go to other places.  Yes, vacationing with Tyler was hard work, but those times will live forever with all of us. 

Since we are now in vacation planning season, I want to do a few posts on our vacation experiences and encourage everyone to find some time and space, even if just for a little bit.

With this in mind I'm asking for feedback in the comment section below on this question:

Where would you recommend that a special needs family go on vacation and why?

Please offer your thoughts!!

Be well and good luck.  Tom

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  1. I'm interested to hear other's thoughts on the subject as well. Our family doesn't typically take extended stay vacations. The one occasion we had for all four of us to do so was through a Make a Wish/Disney vacation. Sadly, where we stayed is not open to the public. However, Disney's attention to special needs guests is second to none.

    I know your family has done Disney already, so as a suggestion that doesn't seem all that exciting. Instead, using my love for the internet, I did a quick Google search that turned up some interesting results.

    autismontheseas.com will help you set up a family cruise on Royal Caribbean. Not sure how Tyler is with boats, but I'm sure there's an adventure in there that he would enjoy.

    My wife keeps hounding me to mention Great Wolf Lodge. The one closest to us (Pocono Mountains) has some pretty good reviews on TripAdvisor pertaining to special needs.

    Every article and blog I've read on the subject suggests Dollywood. That place has some glowing reviews. Add to that, it's proximity to Gatlinburg, you might be able to get a nice little trip out of The Smokey Mountains.

    Here are a couple of the articles that I came across, so you can draw your own conclusions. Copy and paste since I can't find where to add links. One of them actually mentions our own Hershey Park.




    I hope something in my ramblings help.

    1. Great suggestion Bert, thanks so much! Disney will definitely be covered in some posts coming up. I'm not sure how Tyler would be on a cruise but I won't be much help while I am throwing up.


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