Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tyler Update

It's always nice to have positive things to report.  As each week goes on we understand more and more that Tyler is in the living situation that he needed, and that he is happier living as a more independent adult.  

Tyler recently went for some images to make sure his shunt is still operating properly.  This was challenging for him because he never went through tests without me being right by his side.  But, as we have often seen, his staff was up to the task and so was he.  It wasn't without its difficulties, but it got done.  The best news is that the tests showed everything looked to be functioning normally.  

His home reported another solid week. His day program also said he was very good.  It sounds like his more "manic" personality is starting to come through as spring nears.  His home has seen the more energetic and exuberant side of him which is new for them.  It will be interesting to see how the next 6 months goes.  It was always great to see him so jolly, but with it comes with him being quite loud and repetitive.  

He also enjoyed his church activities very much this week.  We are so thankful he continues to do so well.  We think he looks happy and healthy.

Be well and good luck.  Tom

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