Saturday, August 11, 2018

Wait World Where Are You

-A poem by Tom Klinedinst

Hey wait world where are you?
My son needs your help
He's never been on Facebook
He has no need for Yelp

Wait world where are you?
We pay ballplayers by the ton
Millions to buy their loyalty
But not a morsel for my son

Hey world where are you?
There's cash to start up wars
We find money to kill us off
But there's none to open doors

Hey world where are you?
So many with so much need
But all we see is bigotry
And never ending greed

Hey world where are you?
You forget about the weak
As long as you have your share
You turn the other cheek

Hey world where are you?
We brag like we are great
Yet people go without a meal
Living in impoverished states

Hey world where are you?
When do we do our part?
Our vets are dying EVERY DAY
Unnoticed by the jaded heart

Hey there world it's time to stop
It's time to stand for what is right
It's time to set priorities
And vow to join the fight

God protects the weakest ones
And asks we do the same
When we fail the ones in need
We are failing everyone.

Be well and God Bless.  Tom

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