Monday, July 23, 2018


On Sunday Pastor Dave talked about GIFTS.  The gifts being talked about were those that we can lend to the church, and to mankind.  That each of us are born with, or develop, certain abilities that we can share with other people.  

My mother-in-law and I are doing a sugar cake fundraiser for Tyler's Bibles.  Our goal is to raise about $400 so that 10 more Bibles can be purchased for those who need them.  My part is to come up with the idea, bring it to life, and sell it.  Her part is to make the cakes.  We are using our particular gifts in combination to reach our goal.  Could Mom do my part and I do hers?  Probably to some extent....but we are better if we stick to what we know we do well.  Mom believes this so emphatically that she has barred me from the kitchen when we make these fundraising cakes.

We cannot overlook Tyler's gift in this endeavor. He was given a smile, a spirit, a soul which speaks to every person with an open heart and an ability to listen to it.  He shines love from his heart that inspires people to use their own gifts.  Perhaps this is the most blessed gift of all; inspiring others to use their gifts.  It is love perpetuating love.

  My wife on the other hand doesn't know what her gift is.  In fact, she believes (incorrectly) that she may not have one at all.  She would be the first to tell you she isn't a public speaker, inventor, teacher, or writer by nature.  What she forgets is that she is one of those rare people that succeeds in supporting others.  

To explain, Pastor Dave is a gifted speaker.  BUT, unless he had a solid supporting cast around him doing great work it would be exponentially more difficult to deliver the message.  He has to have someone operate the sound and video board.  He needs a Music Director.  He needs Joan to set up the board.  He needs Cele to work behind the scenes to have food ready and do the nursery and generally keep him from getting out of line.

A GIFT is not necessarily standing a public and visible thing, it can simply be providing the foundation for which another person can stand and use theirs.  My wife gave Tyler the very life that he now uses to inspire others.  She keeps my world together so that I can chase inspiration where it leads me.  

Love each Tyler does....and I promise you will discover your gifts very quickly.

Be well and God Bless.    Tom

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