Sunday, July 15, 2018

Eye Saw the Light

I was at the eye doctor yesterday.  The doctor and I continue to ponder how much longer it will be until I need to have reading glasses.  False teeth and a rocking chair are right around the corner!

As I have written before, it seems that I have a habit of striking up conversations with other special needs parents.  This day would be no different.  

After the appointment I went to the check-out area.  I struck up a light conversation with the young girl (lets call her Heather), telling her how much I like Dr. Lisa.  She proceeded to tell me how well the doctor always treats the staff.  Heather continued to explain that she is a special needs mom, and the doctor supports her in so many ways.  I could tell that without that crucial emotional support Heather's life would be much more difficult.  I eagerly gave her this blog address and welcomed her to come read any time.  I hope God blesses her with peace, comfort, and strength for all of her days.

An important takeaway is how valuable Dr. Lisa is in her life.  Because the doctor supports her and allows her the ability to tend to her child as needed, Heather has less pressure in her life.  In the work history of both Robin and I we know what its like to have supportive bosses, and what its like to work for non-supportive bosses.  The difference is incredible.  Many special needs parent WANT to work hard and earn a decent living while at the same time being there for the child as much as humanly possible.  It's like living a double life really.  

For those of us who play the roles of boss, or neighbor, or friend, or any other role alongside of a special needs parent, please remember how just the slightest show of support will change their lives.  And if you are a special needs parent, do everything in your power to work for people that will give you that support.  After and your child deserve it.

Be well and God bless.   Tom

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