Friday, February 2, 2018

Blog Anniversary

Two years ago today I started this blog.  Writing has always been a source of comfort for me.  It allows me to sort things out and streamline some of my thinking.  I've conditioned myself for so long to think fast and yet see things from as many angles as possible.  When I write it allows me to slow things down and put thoughts into perspective.  Sometimes it allows me to express feelings that are too difficult to say any other way.  Writing has been a tremendous help to me getting through a lot of difficult times in my life.

Writing isn't for everyone.  Each person has their own individual outlet device.  Being a caregiver does not mean giving that up.  In fact, it should actually become more important.  What I write and the way I write reflects me as an individual.  It is unique to me.  No matter how many writers put pen to paper, nobody will write exactly the way I do.  This goes for any such outlet, it is a reflection of the individual that is theirs and theirs alone.

I think of my friend Tom who did not grow up as a painter.  It was something that he discovered during a portion of his life when he was ready for it.  Now it is not only an amazing talent that he has, but it is a driving passion in his life.  And even better still, it is the constant love in his life that is there for him no matter what else is happening in his life.  I have never seen him paint a picture, but I have seen him paint beautiful windows into the heart of life itself.  Its like when you listen to a piece of music, close your eyes, and feel it transport you to another place.  Perhaps the writing, or painting, or music takes you back to childhood memories, or to a peaceful place that you have never been and yet can vividly imagine.  

Being a caregiver is difficult.  Unless you are careful you can become so consumed with the other person that these personal abilities begin to take a back seat.  Before long, they could be placed on the shelf never to be used again.  If this happens, you will feel even further away from your own self than ever before.  You cannot lose sight of your own self.

Today, think about what it is you LIKE to do.  Even if you aren't a caregiver and you are reading this, think about what makes you happy.  You don't have to be good at it....being good has nothing to do with just have to like it.  It can be reading, crosswords, jogging, drawing.  Activities like these have been proven to be healthy for the brain and help reduce the effects of depression.  For caregivers it is SO IMPORTANT to have an activity reserved just for them.  

Remember that each and every day is a gift.  Even difficult days are a gift.  Those gifts are very limited, and in fact we don't ever know how many more we will have.  We have to find wonderful things in each of them.  

Be well and God bless.   Tom 

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