Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Message from Samantha

Today Tyler's sister Samantha would like to write a blog entry.  As an 8-year-old this will be her first-ever foray into the world of public writing.  I told her that she should write what its like to have Tyler as her big brother....and how she feels about him:

hi my name is Samantha as Tylers sister I feel a little sad because I wanted to do many regular things with him but in the house I had to hide from him if he was in a bad mood and if he was where I was I would have to hide or move fast and I was very sad when he would throw one of his dvd player but dad would try to give him a stuffed animal before he would throw a dvd player on to the wall but I am happy that I have a big brother

I think there is a lot to learn by what she typed here.  One of her most vivid memories of him is needing to keep a safe distance when he would get upset.  She remembers all of the times he would slam something with his portable DVD players to convey his frustrations.  It wasn't easy to be Tyler's little sister.  But even despite all of that, she is sad that she can't do more "regular things" with him, and she ends by expressing that she is happy to have a big brother.

Other than forgetting that at some point you have to end a sentence with a period (lol), I thought she did a nice job.  She asked me if people all over the world would be able to read her first ever blog entry!  Absolutely!

Fortunately I believe Sam will continue to adapt to the life changes she has experienced.  She is doing well in school, just completed her participation in a competitive swim club, and she is sporting colorful new braces so that her teeth will become beautiful as she gets older. As with any 8-year-old she has growing pains, but overall she is a good girl with a bright future.  

I think if her big brother knew all of the wonderful things about her he would be very proud to have her as his little sister.

Be well and God bless.   Tom

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  1. Samantha, thank you for sharing! Good job. You are beautiful in so many ways and are such a blessing to your family and friends.


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