Sunday, June 4, 2017

RIP John

Good Evening,

With a heavy heart we report that Tyler's Great-Grandfather John has passed away.  We were able to visit with him this morning and show him a lot of love.  We even got a few smirks and giggles when we pretended to needle him a little.  We let the sunshine into the room, gathered around his bed, and showed him every bit of respect and love he earned in his 86 years.  

One thing we made sure John understood was that Tyler was ok.  I let him know that Tyler was right there with him, in his heart, and he always will be.  

I don't have to think too hard to remember John getting down on the floor with Tyler and rolling the car back and forth.  Or when he tried to help Tyler learn to sit up on the couch.  John would always ask Tyler if he was a "funny fella", and Tyler would smile and say "yeah".
There was no question that Tyler was was very important to John, and John was very important to Tyler.  John took his role in Tyler's life very seriously.  Tyler's character has a lot of John in it to be sure.

On the surface, John and I didn't agree on very much.  We were politically on opposite poles.  He was born in a "man's-man" kind of era, where I believe in a bit more political correctness.  Someone who didn't know us might think we didn't get along.  But that was the fun of our relationship...we could argue about outside issues, but we always agreed about what was important.... 

The love of family 
Being a person someone can count on
Not taking life too seriously 
Doing a job correctly
Being firm but fair

                                                                                                  Here is to you John.  May your beer always be cold, your crabs always full, your martinis always dry, and your cards always aces.  We love you.   Your Outlaw Son-In-Law.


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