Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2

I believe in being a good dad.  In fact, I believe that it is the most important role I play in my life.  

Studies may very on the degree of effect that a fatherless home has, but most of them agree on very basic points:

  • About 1/3 of children in the US are growing up without a father figure
  • Children without a father figure are significantly more susceptible to incarceration, depression, and suicide
  • Females raised without a father figure are at higher risk for teen pregnancy
  • Some studies suggest that over 3/4 of children with behavior disorders come from homes without a father figure
Make no mistake, this is the massive social problem that nobody is talking about.  And I want to honor single moms, adoptive parents, extended family and female couples who successfully step up and fill that void.  It can be done.  However, there are far too many men who do not own up to their responsibility.

Consider:  A daughter will most likely accept being treated the way their father treats their mother.  In other words, if a man is absent or treats her mother with disrespect, she will accept absence and disrespect from her own relationships.  FATHERS MODEL WHAT MEN ARE LIKE FOR THEIR DAUGHTERS.

We get so concerned with Russia, and Obamacare, and Bill Cosby, and the couple from Flip or Flop, that we fail to recognize the most basic of problems, which is dad's are not generally doing their end of the bargain.  

So when we look, as men, at the world, and we curse and shake our fists, we have to ask ourselves if we have done the most instinctive thing in the world, which is to raise our children with a sense of discipline and honesty.  Are we raising them prepared for the world? Are we there everyday possible to lead by example? 

I fight for my children every day.  I hug my children, tell them that I love them, and model the behavior toward others that I want for them to show.  I am deeply flawed and have no chance to ever be perfect, but I plan to leave my children with no doubt that they are loved, respected, and expected to treat the world with decency.

Let's make Father's Day more than just a time to get a pat on the back and a pretty Hallmark card, and let it be a reminder that we have a tremendous responsibility to be up to the task every day.  Our future depends on it.

Be well and God bless.    Tom

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