Monday, January 23, 2017

Tyler Update

Good Afternoon!

It has been a while since I updated everyone on how Mr. Tyler is doing.  

Winter is a fickle thing for Tyler.  I don't think he is a huge fan of it.  But I also think there are some things that go on inside his brain when winter arrives.  Its hard to be sure if it's a chemical change due to a lack of natural light, or some other unknown internal clock issue.  Whatever it is, it can make him more quick tempered.  It also seems to make him a little down and depressed at times.

So here we are in the middle of January.  Somewhat lucky because we haven't had the snow and ice to navigate thus far.  There has also been a lack of bitter cold which also helps Tyler.  But it does seem like there has been some crabby behavior lately, although nothing major.

There have also been some staff changes which never helps matters.  All caregivers hate when those two words are put together:  staff changes.  Each new staffer will need to build a trust level between them and Tyler, which is not easy.  There are times where Ty just flat out refuses to get along with somebody, whether or not the reason makes sense to anyone is highly debatable.  I don't blame the agency on this, its simply the nature of this environment (I sure wish it wasn't).

The good news is, overall his health has been very good and he has generally remained a happy guy. The house still has plenty of awesome staff that know him very well.  Each week I still get pictures of Tyler chomping on chips and salsa at his favorite Mexican restaurant, so things can't be all bad.

His life is very different in so many ways than mine, but some things are very similar as well.  There will be times when he has everything right where he wants it, and other times that he just has to wait until that old second wind comes along.

Be well and God bless.   Tom

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