Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pizza Night!

I wanted to share this picture of Tyler.  He is getting along so well with his staff that he now enjoys going out into public and eating with them.  Tonight was apparently a good night to share a pizza with Kevin!  He is giving a big smile and a fist pump of approval!

This is so impressive because going out to eat with Tyler had become very difficult.  My wife and I had become guilty of always picking up food because it was easier and less risky to do it that way.  But now that he is with a professional staff that he trusts, and on medications that are helping him, he is able to do more in the community all the time.  

So much of making this transition was having the strength to realize that it was his time to make his own way as an adult.  And that Robin and I were not equipped to provide that for him.  

Just always remember, no matter what the situation is or how much you feel as though you can't find an answer, better days will come.  Answers will come.  You have to have faith in that.  

If you are struggling to find your footing...just look at this happy guy getting his pizza.  We never stopped working, or believing, and that smile is worth everything we went through to get to this point.

Be well and God bless.   Tom  

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