Thursday, April 14, 2016

Inspiring Tyler Story

I was reminded today of a great story about Tyler that I would like to share today.

Tyler has always had a passion for basketball.  This was discovered when he was very young.  After that he was surrounded by basketball nets inside and outside of our homes.  It was a great form of exercise for him as well as being something that put him in a great mood.

Tyler's teacher and the school had decided to use this as an opportunity to socially integrate Tyler (who was in a special needs class inside of a "typical" school), as well as give some students the chance to do something good for him.  It was one of the most successful things ever done with Ty.  Throughout the years many students enjoyed their experiences with Tyler.  In fact, there were often more kids asking to be a part of it than there were spots available to do it!  What was equally as impressive is that the kids volunteered parts of their lunchtime to come and play with him.

One particular student had struggled a bit to stay on track and the school wasn't sure if they would allow him to play ball with Tyler.  After giving it some thought they decided that perhaps this would be a good experience for the young man and hopefully spark some positive things.  It did just that.  The boy was so touched by Tyler that he began working harder in order to continue with him.  Tyler had inspired this young man to care and to do better.  

Another young man who was a basketball player for the school was so inspired by Tyler's love for the game that he wanted him to have an amazing gift; his practice jersey.  To think that a young man of middle school age would have so much compassion for our Tyler was very touching.  To this day, the jersey still remains in what used to be Tyler's bedroom.  It is a prized possession worth more that all of the gold or silver in the world.

We don't know how these young men are doing now but we will never forget their selflessness and love for our Tyler.

Be well and God Bless.


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