Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Miss You Today

Dear Tyler,

I miss you every day of course, but I have days where I miss you more.  Seeing the sun shining and spring beginning to take hold reminds me of how much I enjoyed our walks together in the park.  One of the most special things in the world to me was how you would look over at me and sign "I love you" as we walked.  In that moment I knew you felt safe, and content, and loved.  It was your way of saying to me that you enjoyed my company, and that you loved me right back.  
This was always how we connected.  Though we never had a single verbal conversation, we bonded with our hearts.  We had the ability to read each other's moods and expressions.  We had a coordination about us almost like dance partners that anticipated the other person's steps, and could make even the difficult things look easier.

It is the lucky parent who can someday look back and regard their child as one of their greatest friends.  I consider you to be one of the most wonderful friends I have in this world.  You are everything I love in a friend. You are fun to be with, you have compassion for others, and you are free with your emotions.  I am blessed beyond words that a person as courageous and honest as you wound up as my son.

I miss you today.  I miss your crazy laugh and sense of humor.  But most of all I miss just being around you.  I miss smoking my cigar and enjoying the sunshine with my boy.  

Yes, I miss you today.

Love, Daddy

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