Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tyler Update

I am happy to report that Tyler had an excellent week again this week.  His day program helped him celebrate his birthday on Monday with donuts.  We just can't find the words to express how much the support of the entire day program staff means to us, especially Tyler's main man Kevin.  Kevin has an exceptional gift that we are blessed he is willing to share with his room of special adults.

Tyler's home staff also said he had a good week at home.  Even with getting his new housemate he has maintained a good attitude.  Apparently the two young men match up pretty well so far.  Tyler also had his normal church activities which he seemed to enjoy very much. 

It seems that with each passing day, Tyler is learning to embrace all of these wonderful people and places.  As I discussed in an earlier post, these incredible people are the keystone to the successes we have experienced so far. 

I've learned that with the autism spectrum you have to define success in a different way than most people can.  For Tyler, success can mean a medical procedure that was completed without anyone getting bruised too badly.  Or a change in the house that he learns to accept.  Or a week where his staff says he was happy and healthy.  Success for Tyler can be defined in many different ways, but we cherish them all. 

All I can say is that today, right now, he seems happy with his life.  So today we can breathe a little easier.

Be well and good luck.  Tom

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