Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tyler Update

Each week I would like to provide an update on how Tyler is doing.  His weekly successes and occasional setbacks will help to provide a backdrop for more topics of discussion.

A few weeks ago Tyler seemed to be suffering from a flu or virus of some sort.  This was the first time since his transition that he has been ill.  Of course we knew the day would come, but we hated the thought of our guy suffering illness without us to comfort him.  These are the times where Tyler is still that 8-year-old boy in our minds.  But as expected his caregiving teams, day program and residential, restored him back to health.

No matter how well things are going, it's still hard to think about someone else consoling my "child" when he is sick.  My wife and I had nursed him through a lot of bad times, mostly with patience and love. It's true he had to learn to allow his staff to fill that role, but it doesn't mean that a part of me wasn't left feeling a little empty and unneeded. In the end I'm glad he is feeling back to his old self, and that his staff learned more about him through this experience.

This week Tyler was back to full health.  He continues to love his day program and thrive there.  His home reports that his aggression has been decreasing over time and they are proud of his progress.  He has been attending church activities and has also been participating in an art class.  It's obvious he is kept busy and is enjoying a more adult lifestyle than he had here with us.

The big news was that Tyler got a housemate on Monday.  The house is only designed for two disabled adults so they will be the only two staying there.  Tyler was a bit grumpy about sharing his space for a day or so but now reports are that he has adjusted just fine.  Hopefully it will be a relationship that will last for a long time.

We will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow with a pizza party at a local restaurant.  This will be his first time seeing his grandparents since his move.  We are looking forward to spending some time with him and posting some photos of the occasion tomorrow night. Everyone is excited to see him!

Be well and good luck!  Tom

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