Sunday, March 29, 2020

What If

What if tomorrow we had our last
And our future suddenly met our past
What if we didn't have another day
And a bigger plan now blocked our way

What if our dreams have met their end
Without a daydream left to spend
And those we did not quite achieve
Laid broken for our souls ro grieve

What if we left some things unsaid
And did not bury things long dead
What if we failed to mend a hurt
Before we filled the hole with dirt

What if this was the final call
Would we step up to answer all
What if our judgement day was here
Are we righteous people without fear

Did we live our lives without regret
And love the others that we met
Did we make the most of every day
And help those lost to find the way

What if tomorrow all was lost
And we had to pay the final cost
Would we say we saw it all
Or would just accept the fall

If you feel you forgot to live
Or the blessings how we can forgive
Reach long and hard within your heart
It's not too late to embrace the start

Tomorrow is no guarantee
For anyone like you and me
So make the best of every day
And together we can find our way

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