Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Coronavirus

Put any 10 people into a room right now and you very well might get 10 different opinions about the Coronavirus.  These opinions will range wildly from panic, to claiming it as a conspiracy to cost Trump the election.

I'm not going to offer my own opinion necessarily, but rather I will focus on how frightening the prospect is as a special needs parent.

For now lets make the assumption that there will be infections locally.  The impact that this could cause for Tyler could be quite frightening.  Consider:

1. Tyler attends a day program with many other disabled individuals with many types of disabilities.  I cannot image the challenge to keep perfect hygiene in a place where there are adults in diapers, drooling, hands constantly at faces, etc.  Even in the best of circumstances its got to be a breeding ground for germs.

2. What happens if Tyler, or the staff contract the virus?  How will the agency maintain staffing levels if the worst scenario comes true?  Tyler and his housemate are not able to care for themselves in an emergency.

3. Tyler, like many other in the special needs community, has pre-existing conditions.  While these are not specifically threatening against the virus, how many others are in the direct line of fire because of theirs?

These are serious issues that nursing homes, group homes, and other care facilities are about to run headlong straight into.  I just hope and pray we don't reach some of these possibilities.

Be well and God bless.   Tom

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