Monday, July 15, 2019

You Have to Find Hope

Friday's post was pretty difficult.  I think it shows how defeating it can be when we watch our special person struggle.  

I will be the first to admit that I have a pattern to how I handle the emotions of Tyler's struggles.  Once the day's battle is over, I become very introspective.  Usually this leads to a short period of feeling extremely sad and in despair.  As sad as I become, I have learned even then to keep a certain perspective.  I remember that every extreme low (and extreme high) is only temporary.  I also remember that Tyler and I will always have each other and that regardless of how bad things could ever get, there is nothing more important.  

One point I want to be clear about, I think as long as all of us know how to keep proper perspective, it is very important to follow through with those emotions.  After I wrote the last post Friday night, I texted my Nephew and his wife and invited them over to swim, have a pizza, and drink a few beers.  We shared some laughs and then we sat around the fire pit and exchanged woes.  His wife is experiencing some family-related problems on her side of the family, and my Nephew has some issues happening on his side as well.  It seems we all have sadness we are carrying around.  By talking about them we validated them and gave them a place in our order of things.  We certainly didn't solve anything, but we allowed ourselves to open up and talk which is worth its wait in gold.  

If you find yourself unable to deal with your emotions, or you are having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else, please make sure to contact a doctor or crisis prevention specialist right away.  

The remainder of the weekend was spent with family and church.  I did a little power washing, some grilling, and visited some friends who love to play cornhole and have a good time.  Does it make everything just go away?  No, of course not.  But each person who gives a word of encouragement, or a prayer, or a hug, or even just asks how we are doing is making it just a little easier to continue moving forward.  Instead of being overwhelmed with the helpless feelings, I get to also feel the love of others.

So to Dan, Megan, Mom, Dad, Pam, Andy, Mike, Molly, and Rob....thanks for making me laugh....thanks for needling me...thanks for the pats on the back and the hugs.  Thanks for sharing your trials with me, and listening to mine.  And thanks for just being there the last few days.  It placed me back on my feet and ready to keep going.

Be well and God bless.   Tom

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