Friday, April 7, 2017

Welcome Jason's Connection

Good Morning!

Last night, Jason's Connection, a wonderful and amazing resource page for special needs parents, shared our little blog.  Since then, we have had 2000 page views in 12 hours. Tyler would pump his fist and say "YESSIR!!!"

The very thought of so many people reading our story makes me very emotional.  Tyler was a baby that was not supposed to survive to be born.  When he was born, we were told that he would likely never walk, or talk, or function in a normal way.  It wasn't hard to think that his life would come and go quickly, and perhaps leave very little imprint on this earth.  Yet, despite not being able to speak meaningful conversations, or write, or work a job, he changes lives.

Through his perseverance he inspires others to persevere.  Through his joy and his smile, he causes others to smile and feel joy.  And through his story, he allows others to look at their situations in a different way, and perhaps change something in their lives.

I, myself, am just an ordinary Dad.  I work a job in the safety field.  In my personal and professional life I enjoy writing.  I write everything from manuals and policies, to poetry and blogs.  I'm currently attempting a children's book from my daughter's perspective, and a book about being Tyler's Dad.  Other than that, I watch too much sports, eat too many french fries, and stress about all the things everyone else does.  

What makes me feel extraordinary is that I have a son who inspires love and tolerance in so many parts of the world.  I have a wonderful group of friends inside and outside of our church that love us for who we are.  I have a wife who stood by all of us during the darkest of times and never stopped believing in us.  No matter how many times Tyler was aggressive toward her, she loved him more every day.  And I have a daughter who made sacrifices because, even at a young age, she understood that her brother needed all of the support he could get.  

Best of all, I continue to watch Tyler, and all children with disabilities, be honored with each and every comment, blog visit, and conversation.  Every time someone tells me that his story has changed them in some way, I understand what a gift he is.  

Thanks to Jason's Connection for the unbelievable work that they do and the honor of letting this little blog contribute to it last night.  I'm truly touched.

Be well and God bless!  Tom

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