Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tyler Update

Good Afternoon!

All reports are that Tyler is currently doing very well.  He had the curveball last week of losing a trusted caregiver at his day program.  However, they have reported that he is adjusting well and continues to be cooperative and make strides forward.  This is a good sign for him that even when we lose a staff member he can keep a positive outlook.

Tyler is also continuing to do well at his home.  One thing that we really like about his home staff is that they are constantly looking to expand his boundaries, even if just by a little bit. They have goals for him and even if they try the smallest of baby steps forward, they look for progress.  

For the most part Tyler accepts his new challenges.  For the most part.. that is until they asked him to get in the pool today:

Let me translate that face for you...."I won't be doing that no matter what you say!".  LOL.

But we remain thankful for his continued good health and happiness.  We have been truly blessed by his remarkable courage and strength!

Be well and God Bless.   Tom

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  1. So happy to hear Tyler is adjusting well to his curveball :)
    I love the face translation...same face I get when my youngest has to try something he's not happy about.


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