Thursday, January 24, 2019

Peace at Last

With an ice cold Corona in my hand
I slide my toes beneath the sand
The sun eagerly welcomes me
And dances across the blue-green sea

I sink my chair at the waters edge
As though dangling at society's ledge
My ears filled with the ocean's song
That's been repeated many lifetimes long

A soulful peace before my eyes
Bright colors under cloudless skies
Nature's wonders on full display
As meant to happen every day

I close my eyes and see the past
Generations come and gone so fast
The children making castles tall
The ocean claims them one and all

Behind my chair is what I left behind
The pains and struggles of mankind
Politics, violence, and Gods of War
Too far gone to hope restore

That world for me has reached its end
I cannot turn that way again
I've left those evils in the past
And found my beach retreat at last

I've traded in what's gone so wrong
For a stack of books 'bout heroes gone
Some Buffett tunes to set the mood
With cheap cigars and cheaper food

Speak kindly if you say my name
Or not, won't matter just the same 
Here I'll be right by the shore
At last at peace for ever more

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