Saturday, October 6, 2018

Not Gonna Miss You

Good Evening,

I try on occasion to recommend movies or documentaries that I feel somehow break uncharted territory in the caregiver experience.

See "I'll be me" for an amazing journey.  You will nod your head, laugh, and cry.  You will appreciate how an amazing and complicated man can suddenly become vulnerable and dependent on his family. And as you watch this transition you will recognize every one of the emotions which range from loyalty to exhaustion.  From courage to fear.  From hope to reality.

Glen Campbell was a complex and talented man.  He was far from perfect.  But when a diagnosis of dimension threatened to end his life story, he and his family decided to take charge of the final chapter.  The result of this decision was a perfect representation of what a caregiver and the cared for experience as the disease ruthlessly marches on.  It's a story of love, devotion, decline, and loss that we will be forced to face for ourselves,  But it is also a testimony of what it truly means to be devoted to a person with special needs.

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